Warwick Daycare Programs and Activities

A variety of materials and methods are used to promote creative expression and appreciation for works of art.
Fine Motor Activities
Fine motor skills are very important for children to develop. Fine Motor Skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. Our teachers develop lessons and activities daily to help foster children’s fine motor skill development.
Phonics Instruction
hildren learn the connections between letter patterns and the sounds they represent.
Reading & writing basics
children begin to learn literacy basics as early as in our infant room through story time, songs, nursery rhymes, and more. Our curriculum progressively and developmentally increases as the children move through the different age groups.
Math readiness
Children are introduced to math concepts through counting/recognition, calendar activities, geometric shapes, terms related to time, space, quantity, and tools of measurement.
Science experiments
We introduce children to characteristics of living things and help them develop respect and appreciation for animals and the environment.
Foreign language introduction
Our children are exposed to languages such as Spanish, French, and Korean. The children learn some basic foreign language skills and receive exposure to the cultures they come from.
Author studies
Dr. Seuss, Eric Carl, and Mercer Mayer are among some of our favorites
The children engage in cooperative play and group activities. With teacher guidance they begin to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.
Activities to develop music appreciation, rhythm and awareness of body in space. They include singing, dancing, listening to music, and matching rhythms through singing, clapping and playing instruments.
Computer Skills
Children use teacher-selected software on our classroom computer to learn basic terminology and skills. Our computers are also used to reinforce the cognitive skills the children are working on.

Cooking & Baking
Cooking provides a wide variety of experience for children including an opportunity to learn reading and math skills, new vocabulary, measuring skills, and the importance of following instructions. It also introduces children to the basic principles of healthy eating.

Intergenerational activities
Our unique programs allows for daily interaction between the Mt. Alverno Assisted Living residents and the Schervier Pavilion residents. These interactions are diverse and include singing, arts & crafts, cooking, and more. For more information this program and its benefits please click here.
Tae Kwan Do
Taekwondo is a traditional martial art, a guide for the formation of outstanding character and a modern sport supported by an ancient philosophy. Our children benefit from Taekwondo in a variety of ways: physically-by developing flexibility, good coordination and a strong body. Mentally-by building self-confidence, exercising good judgment and nurturing a sound mind. Philosophically-by learning respect and to help others. Click here for more information about our TKD program
Field trips
Taking children on field trips provides an important contribution to the learning process. Our Pre-K and School Age children visit places such as apple orchards, farms, museums, theaters, parks, and more to add another dimension of learning and fun to their experience at our center. The children often go on walking field trips when weather permits.
Outdoor play
We have three outdoor play areas on our grounds to allow for all of the children to get outside everyday as weather permits. The children have plenty of time and space to run around, climb, play, and even do some work such as gardening, arts & crafts, and journal writing. Besides the physical benefits of being outdoors other valuable learning opportunities also arise as the children encounter objects in nature or other subjects that captivate their attention.
Summer Camp
During the summer months we have a camp atmosphere where programming focuses on socialization and outdoor fun. Camp children are involved in sports, arts & crafts, music, water play, enrichment activities, and lots of play! Our Pre-K and School Age groups enjoy weekly trips to the Warwick Town Beach.
Early Morning Snack
A well balanced early morning snack is served daily from 7:00 am-8:30 am
Healthy snacks
nacks are offered daily and provided by us.
Nutritional lunches
Children bring their own nutritional lunches. We provide water, juice and milk.
Allergies & Food Preferences
Accommodations are always made for children with food allergies or specific family food preferences.